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To provide more value to all members of the community holding HVT tokens, #HyperVerse now offers an early bird limited-time event for users who utilize their HVT tokens. This will be the first round of start-up event with more to come. For this round, users may use their HVT tokens to subscribe for heavily discounted ETH available in the pool.

1st start-up round -

Price: $1,900/ETH

Available Amount: 100 ETH

Event period: 17/2/2022, 06:00 (UTC) - 22/02/2022, 06:00 (UTC)

How to participate: Simply use your available HVT tokens for subscription to be eligible.

Terms & conditions:

1. Within the event period, members may use their available HVT tokens for subscription to acquire a share of the ETH in the pool.

2. There will be a total of 100 ETH available in the pool for this round. Price will be $1,900 per ETH. All rates involved in this event will be determined and captured at the end of the event.

3. Share distribution method:

100 ETH * Individual HVT subsribed/ Total HVT subscribed in the pool

4. HVT refund amount shall be received at the end of the event

5. In the event when the user's amount of ETH allocation is equal to or less than the ETH network fees, the user shall get a refund of their subscribed #HVT tokens and will forfeit their share of #ETH

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